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Principles & Goals
We devote ourselves to analysing and desiging investment strategies that meet clients' demand via information technology.

Guiding our clients to pass through the ocean of market uncertainties and achieving their financial goals.
In the unpredictable and capricious stock markets, trading strategies without testing and verifications are deemed to fail and cause dramatic loss. Therefore, we always believe that stable and reliable trading strategies should be carefully tested and verified. Only such strategies can lead our clients to achieve their financial goals.

Neofelis Financial Technology, Inc. would be glad to assist our clients, through apply advanced information technologies such as data analysis and trading simulations, by designing algorithmic strategies that meet your trading demands.
We are currently providing the following services:
Trading Software Design

Customizable Securities and Financial Derivatives Trading Software Design

Strategies Programing

Trading Strategies Programing
and Automated Trading


Portfolio Optimization

Market Trend Prediction

Applying Big Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence on Market Trend Prediction

Services Procedure
Our detailed services procedure is shown as follows:
We will discuss the products demand and specification with our clients. After presenting our project design to the customer, we shall provide them a quote for the whole project. At last, if both parties agree the deals, the project will be carried out.
Service Flowchart_雲豹金融科技

It depends. However, most cases would approximately take a month or so to be accomplished.

It depends on the demand of customers and product specification. Please contact us for more detailed information.

It would be 20% of the quotation of the whole project. The remaining cost should be defrayed when the project results are being delivered to clients.

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